Good riddance to 2020! With light at the end of the tunnel in 2021, I am currently spending lots of time in my garden pottery and studio exploring new ideas including these stoneware pots. Faceted and textured with an old fisherman's knife which I found on a local beach a few years ago (the same beach where my grandad used to repair his boat in winter).



Clay from a local quarry on the north Cornish cliffs is wedged to get rid of air bubbles and is then centered on the wheel


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Michelle works from her garden studio near St Ives using stoneware clay from a clifftop quarry at St Agnes on a traditional Leach kick wheel. She has recently started producing thrown work in porcelain.

She grew up within a creative family in St Ives and moved to Devon in her late teens to pursue non-creative career paths. Michelle rediscovered the joy of creating art when her children were small and, upon returning to her home town in 2010 started to explore learning about different art forms. Taking some throwing lessons in 2015 opened the fascinating world of ceramics and has allowed her to combine favoured techniques in painting and printmaking in a 3D format.

Michelle combines her love of pattern and texture with the influence of the West Cornwall environment and often uses items found on local walks such as pebbles, shells and driftwood as tools in her work which is fired in an electric kiln using renewable energy.

My first bowl


I love Scandinavian folk art, Art Nouveau and patterns found in nature.


Repeat patterns feature

on a lot of my work.

(No surprise that I loved playing Spirograph as a child!)

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