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A large bowl wheelthrown on my traditional Leach kick wheel using Cornish clay. After a day of drying, the bowl has been returned to the wheel for a foot ring to be turned. My maker's mark (my intertwined initials in a triangle) has been stamped on the base.


Whilst still in its greenware state (dry enough to lightly handle but wet enough to be able to carve or alter), I have decorated the interior of the bowl with a poppy head and leaf pattern with cobalt oxide which turns a rich blue once fired. The exterior has been painted blue. 


After allowing the work to dry completely it is biscuit fired (also known as bisque firing). This low temperature firing drives off the water and carbon from the clay and fuses the clay particles together.  


Finally, the bowl has had a glossy transparent glaze applied been fired to high earthernware temperatures.


For decorative purposes only, not suitable for food use.


29.3cm diameter

9cm height

Poppy Head and Leaf bowl

  • For decorative purposes only.

    Not suitable for food use.

    Dust carefully!


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