A hanging plaque with...whatever you’d like stamped on it!

Inspired by my daughter Beth, who, as a teenager, would try really hard not to swear in my presence. She thought by swapping words for similar sounding ones it would be ok! Anyway, these sayings have stuck and are used by all the family now (mostly by my mum who wouldn’t dream of using really bad swear words, making it even funnier!).

Beth has grown up now and moved out but having one of her sayings in the form of a plaque hanging in my studio makes me smile (she is a graphic designer, so I stamped the ‘c’ backwards just to annoy her!).

You can have anything stamped on your plaque - a name, a phrase, family motto, something sweary (I’m really not easily offended!) I use a combination of old and new printing stamps.

Approximate measurement are 12cm x 17cm.

Blue cobalt oxide is used for inlaying the stamped areas. Glossy transparent glaze to one side. Finished with a ribbon for hanging.

Orders take up to 2 weeks from time of order.

Personalised plaque - family motto/favourite saying/name


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