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Living in one of the most beautiful areas of Cornwall affords endless inspiration and I am currently enjoying making a series of Cornish storm pots which have an abstract style of decoration with rough textures and layers of colour applied in a painterly style evoking a sense of drama experienced in a storm by the coast.


Clay from a local quarry on the north Cornish cliffs is wedged to get rid of air bubbles and is then centered on the wheel

Artist statement picture_edited_edited_e

Growing up around St Ives, Cornwall within a creative family I was inspired to make art, spending hours sketching the landscape and painting.

 In my late teens, however,  I moved to Devon and pursued different careers, not picking up a pencil or paintbrush for twenty years! When my children were really little I started crafting and painting porcelain but always felt like I was cheating as I hadn't made the whole item from scratch!

I returned to live in the St Ives area with my family in 2010 and was re-inspired to further my creativity and spent another few years trying to find my artists' 'voice'.

Jumping at the opportunity to study throwing techniques with local master potter and all-round good chap, Adrian Brough, I quickly realised I could utilise favoured techniques in painting, printing and pattern-making in a 3-dimensional format.

My first bowl

I was hooked!! Two traditional Leach kick wheels, a kiln and a studio full of paintbrushes and pottery paraphernalia later, I can see no end to this obsession!


I love Scandinavian folk art, Art Nouveau and patterns found in nature.


Repeat patterns feature

on a lot of my work.

(No surprise that I loved playing Spirograph as a child!)


I don't have to go far from home

to find inspiration.

Here are a few of my favourite places...

A few of my favourite tools including a pebble from Newlyn used for smoothing thrown clay.